Our materials

Warm, sustainable and durable natural materials, of course.

The material most people probably associate with the Christiania bike is wood, and for many good reasons. Wood is a renewable, recyclable, strong, warm and durable material. For Christiania Bikes, it has always made the most sense to transport children in natural and sustainable materials. That's why our wood purchases are also exclusively from sustainable FSC-certified sources.

Christiania Bikes purchases thousands of tons of m2 of timber per year, it is therefore important that our purchases are responsible and have a positive impact on forests. In doing so, Christiania Bikes helps to ensure that forest ecosystems are maintained and biodiversity is enhanced.

Besides wood, as the primary material, a balanced distribution of two types of metals is used. Steel has always been a significant part of the components that the cargo bikes from Christiania Bikes are composed of. Steel has a high strength and is therefore used as a material for the components that are subjected to the highest loads in the construction. Christiania Bikes uses chromoly steel, which has a very good strength-to-weight ratio and is significantly stronger than standard steel. Along with steel, aluminum is also used in the construction, giving the cargo bike a light, balanced and strong construction.

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