Canopy hangers

15,00  - 1.799,00 

The canopy hangers are made from a flexible and strong aluminum alloy and cut to fit each corner of the box perfectly.

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Canopy brackets are used to mount our canopies. The canopy brackets are made of a flexible and strong aluminum alloy and are cut to fit perfectly to each corner of the box. To mount the canopy brackets, please note that the bike must always be parked with the parking brake.

When fitting canopy hangers to the Bugatti canopy, first place an arch in the corner of the box by the handlebars and push the arch down into the front corner of the box. When using the Bugatti canopy, always remember to have the side panels of the canopy mounted on the arches and on the box when installing the hangers.

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Weight 2,00 kg

Bugatti, Prairie, Model T

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