Functional with a display and a throttle.

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    rearDrive in a functional design. A display, a throttle and an easy lockable battery with an integrated light, and software that is thoroughly adapted to our models. This is our rearDrive e-motor from Danish Promovec, which has developed and designed the system in Denmark.

    The system has been tested in Scandinavian weather conditions and is made to cope with tough challenges. The motor has a three year warranty, and the battery has a two year warranty with the possibility to receive an extra two-year capacity warranty. The batteries are produced in Denmark from a 100% renewable energy facility and by strict regulations.

    The rearDrive has a brushless DC hub motor with planetary gear, a 250-watt continuous effect with a max peak of 550 watt and a max torque of 54 Nm. The system has a voltage of 36V and is available in either a 10.4 Amp or a 17.4 Amp version. The 10.4 Amp battery has a range of 15 – 40 km, whereas the 17.4 amp battery has a range up to 70 km.

    Additional information

    0.00 kg
    Battery capacity

    374WH, 626WH



    Speed (max.)


    Nominal effect


    Comply with

    Directive 2006/42/EF

    Battery type

    Lithium ion

    Moment (max)