The trailer comes in a very strong design. It is made in Denmark of our own steel production and our strong plywood.


    The trailer was our first product, and it was launched back in the end of the 70’ties. The frame was originally made of old bed frames in the blacksmith in Christiania.
    The bicycle trailer is available in three variations:
    Standard is suitable for big shopping trips, transport of goods and the like.
    Extra-Wide is 12 cm wider than the standard version, and the Extra-wide Straight additionally has a 50 cm high box
    As a bicycle trailer, maximum load: 60 kg. As a handcart, maximum load: 100 kg. Hitch and stand included. The heavy rubber coupling can be permanently mounted on the seat post. The trailer is secured by means of a spring pin with safety pin.

    Additional information

    19.00 kg
    180 × 70 × 35 cm

    Internal dimensions 88 x 48 x 35 cm or 88 x 61,5 x 35 cm +/- 0.5 cm, hand built in Denmark


    100 kg


    9 mm birch of highest quality, from the EU, FSC certified, water-proof


    Made in Denmark, wheel size: 20"


    Own designed front hubs; made for heavy loads; made of aluminum alloy; with deep groove ball-bearings.


    Made in the EU; 2.33 mm stainless steel


    20" stainless steel

    Wheel brackets

    Galvanized steel, made in Denmark