Our history

Our story begins in Christiania, which was an old military area in Copenhagen. When the military use ceased, the area was deserted and in 1971 was occupied by autonomous, who named the area Christiania. In 1972, the village smithy in Christiania, I/S Christiania Smedje, was founded by Lars Engstrøm together with his friends, Jesper, Kjeld and René. The four friends began producing wood-burning stoves from old oil barrels and steel plates, which they transported from surrounding scrapyards using old wartime cargo bikes.

Right from the start, Christiania chose to be a car-free district. The car freedom animated to think in other modes of transport to transport shopping, wood, gas tanks and children. I/S Christiania Smedje began to produce the well-known and robust bicycle trailers, which, after initially being produced on old bed bases, were developed and put into production. The bicycle trailers became an important means of transport in Christiania and also an important product for Smedjen. Over time, the demand for bicycle trailers also grew outside Christiania, and production was refined, among other things, with the purchase of new materials. A small business was fertile ground and officially registered in 1978.

In Christiania, transporting children by using the bicycle trailer had become a normal way of transporting their children. Lars had the idea to improve that mode of transport. Instead of having the children placed behind him in the bike trailer, Lars intended to move the body to the front of a tricycle. Not only was it a safer way to have the children with you, because you always have direct contact with them – it was also a more enjoyable way. On May 16, 1984, Annie received her birthday present. Annie thought a racing bike was inside the big gift, which was wrapped in gift wrap with a red bow. But instead, the first Christiania bike was born. Its pioneering function was to be a family bike and that the transportation of children was improved both practically and safety-wise. Just a few minutes the same day, Lars received orders to make more Christiania cargo bikes.

In 1989, Annie and Lars moved the production from Christiania to Bornholm together, and a small production took shape on an old farm. In line with the growing popularity and demand, surrounding peasants began to join the company. They produced handmade wheels, sewed hoods and other parts for the bikes. Today, production and assembly are on both Bornholm and in Copenhagen. Here we annually produce more than 100,000 steel components and other essential parts for both the cargo bikes and trailers. We have several Danish and European subcontractors who produce specially designed parts and equipment. In addition, we get everything from engine parts, frames and brakes to wires and lights from various subcontractors from Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam and many other countries. 

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