General info


Our models shall not be considered nor treated as racing or road bikes. Our models are especially made for people transportation and for business use. It is therefore recommended to follow these advices:

Do not ride too fast, keep the bike under control

Activate the parking brake when the cargo bike is stationary

When turning, sit up straight and let the front part turn, maintaining the weight on the inside wheel

Do not stand up while riding, as the cargo bike could wobble

Do not roll backwards sitting on the bike, it may damage the rear frame

Load the box with care: do not put the heaviest load in the front part of the box, as it may affect the steering

Use seat belts for passengers

Never raise the seatpost above the max. mark

Frequency of servicing should be commensurate to the use of the bike

In case of crash, always check the frames and the axles for cracks or other damage.