For children

To have a good time together.

With a Christiania Bike, you are together.

It is common for children to move into our cargo bikes. It is not only about transporting children safely to the kindergarten, the playground or on other trips. It is also about giving children an extra space for more intimacy and enjoyment.

A room of friendly and durable materials

The selected materials are warm, soft and friendly. The box has no sharp edges; there is no danger of scratching or fingers getting caught, and there is plenty of room! All materials are of excellent quality and from natural and environmentally friendly resources.

Safe construction, designed for children

The 9mm plywood panels are riveted to heavy duty steel profiles and tightly bolted to a light aluminium front frame. This construction seals the children’s room from rain and wind. On the same time, it is a strong construction, which can withstand impacts and the Scandinavian weather conditions for years too.

Made, designed and assembled in Denmark

All our models and main parts are based on our own drawings such as the front hub, frames, boxes and all steel components. Most of the parts are made in Denmark such as steel frames, the steering, the handlebar, wheels and not least our handmade boxes. All models are prepared and shipped from Denmark and safety checked by your local mechanic.

Equipment that match

A great selection of equipment tailored for our classic models are available in various colors and variations.