For business

Helps carry the weight.

High promotional advantage, minimal maintenance

Our classic models for business are functional and require minimal maintenance. They will help you with carrying the weight. On the same time, they give a strong promotional advantage exhibiting originality and sustainability.

Versatile and strong

Our classic models for business are reliable, functional and requires minimal maintenance. These models are used in a wide application in industries where mobility of people and goods are the key elements such as postal services, catering, industrial plants, nurseries and repair services.

Built it your own way.

Our classic business models can either be supplied with a predefined box, or you can build the loading area based on your own design.

Made, designed and assembled in Denmark

All our models and main parts are based on our own drawings such as the front hub, frames, boxes and all steel components. Most of the parts are made in Denmark such as steel frames, the steering, the handlebar, wheels and not least our hand made boxes. All models are prepared and shipped from Denmark and safety checked by your local mechanic.

Equipment that match

A great selection of equipment tailored for our classic models are available in various colors and variations.