transportation of passengers

Christiania Bikes are well suited to transport children.

Families with children have for many years used the sturdy and safe Christiania tricycle as a practical and environmentally friendly means of transport in everyday life. Christiania tricycles have become a part of the Copenhagen cityscape, and have gained popularity in the rest of Denmark as well as abroad. The children sit / sleep safely in front of the tricycle, and the rider has constant eye contact with them. With the special equipment available (child seats, seat belts and hoods with windows), the tricycles can be used in all weather. The sturdy box construction gives children excellent protection; the tricycle is very manoeuvrable, the box is spacious and it is easy to park – the parking brake prevents it from rolling away.

Nurseries and schools enjoy using Christiania Bikes. With a  tricycle, it is easy and safe to transport up to six children.

Disabled people in wheelchairs or such. balance problems also benefit from tricycles. Christiania Bikes Model S / box is specially adapted for transporting wheelchairs. “The 3-wheeler Christiania Bikes are often the best transport solution for people following a brain injury either from a crash or a stroke / brain hemorrhage. It is the experience of the Centre for Brain Injury in Copenhagen over the past 10 years; brain-injured patients receive physical and neuropsychological rehabilitation at the Centre. The tricycle appeals to young people in particular, but also the elderly, because the tricycle does not look as a “vehicle for disabled”, it is common in the city and used by all, even if there is no balance problems or management problems of arm or leg. “Text: Physiotherapists, Centre for Brain Injury – phone +45 35 32 90 06 –

The specially designed and modern Taxi bike is suitable for the transport of 2 adults. The cyclists have close contact with passengers who sit comfortably in front.