If disaster strikes and you have your tricycle stolen, remember that insurance companies require the frame number and proof of purchase.

Individual actions you can take to ensure that your bike is not stolen:

* Fit an approved frame lock.
* Get an extra chain lock for extra attachment.
* Lock the cargo bike to a stationary object.
* Save your purchase receipt.
* Take photos of the cargo bike and the frame number.
* Personalize your bike.

Frame number location:
* Pre-2000 models – Double tube frames.
When you stand behind your Christiania Bikes, the frame number is engraved on the left side of the plate that joins the upper and lower tubes. The frame number is never on the right!
* Mono-tube frames.
The frame number is on a plate under the bottom bracket. In powder coated Light models, the frame number  is also painted on the seat tube well below the saddle – again on the left side!