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The first Christiania Bikes 1984

Christiania is an area in Copenhagen which used to host the Navy. When the military moved out, the barracks were left empty for years; in 1971 young people moved in. The I/S Christiania Smedie (=Smithy) was founded in 1978. Christiania chose from the beginning to be a car-free area. This motivated its inhabitants to think of other means of transport. At first robust bicycle trailers were developed by originally using old bed frames. Later these bicycle trailers were improved and sold all over Denmark. In 1984, the first cargobike was launched. Its ground-breaking feature was that family cycling, including children transport, was made available in a practical and safe way. Children transport has been maintained over the years as the core function of the Christiania Bikes tricycles.

Soon, people outside Christiania noticed the manoeuvrable, sturdy and environmentally friendly cargobikes and in 1990 the Christiania Smedie moved to the island of Bornholm to concentrate on production of tricycles. Our goal was to offer a convenient replacement to the car, and eventually the idea of family tricycle would become a normal means of transportation all over Denmark. Indeed nowadays the family tricycle has become a popular means of transport all over Denmark and in many countries across the world as well.

In Bornholm, we continually refine our products. In 1994, the company was renamed “Christiania Bikes“, and our products bear this world-famous trademark.