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Safety, quality and honesty.

The tricycles have been produced and tested for more than 30 years, always listening to the feedback from our loyal customers. The frame is welded and/or brazed together using quality steel and aluminium tubing. The frames are painted, powder coated or chromatised and lacquered. Our products are equipped with a box of 9 mm environmental friendly and waterproof plywood. We strive at all times to find the best equipment for the products, and we give priority to safety, quality and durability. This makes Christiania Bikes sturdy, safe in traffic and usable year round.

Cargobikes are an environmentally friendly transport – no pollution! It is easy to get around in cities, and you can always find a parking space. The solid steel/aluminium build, together with the solid 9 mm box, give a high level of safety.

Why Christiania Bikes?

  • Christiania Bikes are made from the best materials available
  • Christiania Bikes require minimal maintenance
  • Christiania Bikes are high quality products with a functional design
  • Christiania Bikes are functional and reliable regardless of the weather
  • Christiania Bikes have a long service life and maintain a high resale value
  • Christiania Bikes have a wide range of options, developed over the years
  • Christiania Bikes are environmentally sound transport


When you buy Christiania Bikes, you are choosing safety and quality!